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NPA Return to Work Services Firefighter

OUR System® Options

OUR System® Return-to-Work (RTW) Services

Using the OUR System’s® Placement Administration Team (PAT), NPA’s RTW Specialists will assist with your daily Return-to-Work (RTW) efforts.

  • On each claim opened for RTW Services, we contact designated personnel to gather information such as: the nature of the injury, department supervisor and physician contact information, appointment dates, etc.
  • We work with your selected personnel to choose appropriate Bridge Assignments. These are either presented to the supervisor or physician for approval, or used to match physician provided restriction.
  • We monitor the injured worker’s RTW progress by maintaining contact with the physician and supervisor.
  • We maintain contact with the physician until a decision regarding RTW is made and we closely monitor the injured worker’s RTW progress.
  • We record all RTW activities and track the days in modified duty via our BridgIT software.
  • We continue this process until the worker is deemed permanent and stationary/maximum medical improvement or is unable to return to their usual and customary job.
  • We provide monthly status reports to management, supervisors, and TPAs for all active RTW claims.
  • We provide quarterly and annual RTW analysis, including TTD savings, NPA fees, and other pertinent data.

OUR System® Self Administered Option

Do you already handle RTW in house but maybe need a more formal approach?  With a Self Administered OUR System®, NPA will design, install, and train your staff in management of the OUR System®. Your organization then performs the ongoing RTW administration in-house. Contact us for a custom solution.