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Implementation Process

OUR System® Implementation

Working with your selected personnel, we begin by reviewing your current RTW efforts while analyzing the relevant tasks being performed within your organization.

Based on these findings, the tasks are consolidated into Bridge Assignments and are organized by body part to accommodate the type and number of injuries predicted. Bridge Assignments are then plotted on a Matrix according to the level of physical demand on each of the five body part groupings. Tasks that are not currently being performed—but are considered valuable by your organization—are similarly analyzed and included in the system.

All personnel responsible for administration of the OUR System® are trained onsite by NPA’s RTW Specialists. Once finalized, your Bridge Assignments will be provided to you at the end of the implementation process.

With the OUR System®, your organization will control costs and return workers to meaningful, productive work in a timely manner. If you are already utilizing an RTW program, the OUR System® will formalize and enhance the process with a consistency of application. Our goal is to create a customized and effective tool for you to easily manage RTW.

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