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  1. OUR System® – Optimum Utilization of Resources System.
  2. RTW – Return-to-Work
  3. Bridge Assignments (BA) – These temporary full-time equivalent assignments are created in anticipation of injuries and are sorted by degree of physical demand on specified body parts to facilitate safe “on-the-job work hardening.”
  4. Matrix – This job analysis system documents and plots Bridge Assignments according to the level of physical demand on body part groupings in order to assist with the appropriate placement of injured workers.
  5. RTW Specialist – The employee assigned by NPA to manage the clients account.
  6. Wish List – A “Brain Storming” tool used to aid and guide an organization’s employees in the identification of tasks for the development of Bridge Assignments.
  7. BridgIT – Proprietary Claims management software with a focus on Return-to-Work management. BridgIT is utilized for record keeping, task management and reporting.