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Louie Peterson

Louie Peterson NPA Return-to-Work Services

Director of Dog’velopment

Howl’dy everyone! My name is Louie and I’ve been with NPA for 13 years now.

I’ve used my pedigree in business to wag my way up the ladder from Return-to-Bark Assistant all the way to my present position as the Director of Dog’velopment. Being Erik and Sarah Peterson’s sidekick (and Norm’s grand-dog) has helped me quite a bit over the years. I listen and learn earnestly, both at home and in the office and I take my role quite seriously, especially when there are treats involved.

Currently, my role as the Director of Dog’velopment is to implement strategic fun for NPA in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. I am also the master of Hide-and-Go Treat where I quickly find any bites of biscuit left inconspicuously around the office. Above all, I happily howl Happy Birthday whenever there is a reason to celebrate and I nap effectively on a daily basis.

From giving licks to snacking on treats, there’s nothing more I enjoy more than raising funs for NPA!