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Our team is dedicated to enhancing and customizing the Return-to-Work process for employers and employees.

NPA’s OUR System® is a proactive Return-to-Work (RTW) service designed to benefit everyone—employers, employees and physicians—in both the private and public sectors. The OUR System® will drastically reduce workers’ compensation costs, saving you time and money while laying the foundation for compliance with ADA and FEHA requirements.

With OUR System®, Return-to-Work Services:

1. Injured workers are back to work quickly.

2. Injured workers benefit from on-the-job work hardening and faster recovery as provided by Bridge Assignments (temporary modified duty assignment).

3. Saves your organization time and money. No upfront fees for employers – we bill to the file!

4. Medical and indemnity costs are lowered.

5. Lays foundation for ADA and FEHA compliance.